July 16, 2007

What Will Web 3.0 Be?

Posted in Internet at 6:07 pm by tradermike

Here’s an interesting article about the future of the web — How To Define Web 3.0. I especially like the part about software agents:

Programs that surf the web for you will become more and more powerful. In a world where your personal profile containing your likes, dislikes and search history is as easy to upload as it is to add a feed to your RSS reader, it is no surprise that a major industry will be software that does your searching for you.

Imagine a scenario where you want to find a new camera. Since you have personal meme map containing a listing of all the cameras you have ever searched and this list is ordered by the frequency of those searches, you can set your software agent to continue this search for you in your absence. When you return home you would be presented with a list of sites ordered by price, relevance (to you) and features that have been found based on your preference. What you do with this list is fed back into the system, improving future searches.


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