November 10, 2007

How to Subscribe to Your FaveBot Discoveries by email

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I just turned on RSS feeds for FaveBot. So now you can view your discoveries wherever you want, not just on FaveBot’s site. If you’re unfamiliar with RSS, here’s a great video explaining what it is and why you would want to use it. For the best experience with RSS, I suggest using a full-blown feed reader. My favorite is Bloglines but many people prefer Google Reader. If you’d rather get your FaveBot discoveries delivered to you via email here are some options:

First, you’ll need to get the URL of your feed. Go back to FaveBot and make sure you’re logged in. Click on the RSS icon which looks like this:

After clicking the icon your RSS feed’s URL will be displayed in your browser’s address bar. Copy that URL to your clipboard for use in one of the following subscription scenarios:

Option 1: To Subscribe via FeedBlitz: just follow their instructions.

Option 2: To Subscribe via SendMeRSS: paste your feed’s URL into the form where it asks for ‘RSS Feed URL’. After you’ve filled out the rest of the form click the ‘Add Feed’ button.

Option 3: Follow these directions if you use Thunderbird as your email client.

Option 4: If you use Yahoo Mail, log in to your email account and click the ‘Add’ link next to ‘All Feeds’ (see image below)

That will open another window. On that new window, paste your feed’s URL into form where it says ‘Enter keyword or feed URL’ then click the ‘Go’ button.

Option 5: You can use a Yahoo Alert to have your FaveBot Discoveries sent to any email address. After logging in to FaveBot you should see a button to add your feed to ‘My Yahoo’:

After clicking that button click the ‘Add an Alert’ link on the resulting page:

That will take you to another page with several options including your email address and how often you want to be sent updates. I suggest choosing to be updated once per day.



  1. Sandra said,

    umm this does nto work for me–when i click on the orange rss feed i can i get the “save this file” dialog box. I cannot get to a page that has the rss feed URL.

  2. tradermike said,


    It sounds like your browser isn’t handling the feed properly. If you’re using Internet Explorer you can also get the URL by right-clicking on the RSS feed icon and then choosing “copy shortcut” from the menu. If you’re using FireFox, right-click then select “copy link location”. You’ll then have the URL in your computer’s clipboard.

  3. […] Favebot délivre les alertes uniquement par flux RSS. Pour obtenir vos alertes par e-mail, il existe un service français efficace, gratuit et simple : Xfruits. Une fois inscrit, pour créer une alerte, allez sur la page d’accueil, puis cliquez sur “RSS to Mail”. Favebot vous fournit un lien URL spécifique pour chacune de vos alertes, il suffit de reprendre ce lien URL dans Xfruits. A noter qu’il est aussi possible sur Xfruits d’agréger plusieurs flux RSS en un seul qu’on peut ensuite recevoir par e-mail. Par ailleurs, Favebot propose sur son site d’autres options pour recevoir les alertes par e-mail, lire ici. […]

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