April 28, 2008

Problems with FireFox 3 Beta 5

Posted in FaveBot, Internet tagged , , , , , , at 12:03 pm by tradermike

I just discovered that there’s an issue with using FireFox 3 Beta 5 (and possibly other beta versions) with FaveBot. If you’re using that beta version you will not be able to create new items to track. I’m trying to figure out a fix for the problem (I think it’s an issue with Prototype javascript / AJAX) but for now you’ll have to use another browser — try Firefox 2.x, IE 6 or 7 or Safari.



  1. Paul Castle said,

    Firefox 3 Beta 5, seem to be having an issue.

    Whenever firefox is running, I am now getting constant disk I/O plus CPU usage of about 20%. This is with firefox sitting at the Google search page.

    Beta 4 appeard to be OK

  2. Armand said,


    I had trouble with Firefox 3 beta and contacted Mike about it. Mike was quick to point out this issue. I had since gone back to Firefox and just remember that Firefox 3 Beta 5 is in fact a “beta” version so I found some other plugins that wasn’t compatible with it.

    My suggestion is if you want to use FaveBot to go back to the normal Firefox or use IE. Once the bugs in version 3 is sorted out, I’ll get back to using it.

    By the way, Mike I reckon FaveBot is such a cool app. Apart from trading the markets, did you write this app yourself?

    Must be very busy.

    I hope this helps you Paul and thanks again for this application Mike!


  3. RenéG said,

    The same issue seems to occure with firefox 3.



  4. tradermike said,


    Thanks for letting me know. I’m just getting back from vacation and will look into getting this working with FireFox 3.x

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