FaveBot FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About FaveBot

Q: What is FaveBot?

A: “FaveBot” is short for “Favorites Robot”. It’s a software agent (robot or bot) that works for you by continuously searching for “stuff” that you want to track. That “stuff” could be any of the following: events in your area; new music, DVD or book releases; news articles; blog posts; photos; podcasts; videos.

Q: Can you give me examples of what I could do with FaveBot?

A: I’m glad you asked that question. 🙂 Here are some examples of what you could track with FaveBot.

Q: How does FaveBot work?

A: After you sign up for an account, simply create a list of things you want to track. You can do that by going to the “Tracking List” tab and then clicking the “New Tracking” link. For example, if I wanted to track news & podcasts related to “software agent” I’d click the “New Tracking” link then enter my search term “software agent” in the “Topic” field and then I’d check the “in News” and “in Podcasts” checkboxes. What FaveBot finds (discovers) will be listed within the “Discoveries” tab.

Q: How is FaveBot different than Google or search engine X?

A: Most search engines aim to help you find what they consider to be the most relevant or authoritative sources for a given search term. Favebot will bring you the most recent content matching your search terms. It’s more similar to the results you get via Google News search than the results at the main Google search.

Another difference is that FaveBot allows you to track many different types of content. By entering your location, you can track events near you. FaveBot can also notify you of new music releases by your favorite musicians, new books by your favorite authors as well as the other media types mentioned above. Here are some more specific examples of what FaveBot can do.

And finally, FaveBot will run your search for you day after day. So you just enter your search terms once and let FaveBot do the searching for you.

Q: How often will my discoveries be updated?

A: It depends on what you’re tracking but FaveBot will search for new content at least once per day. Blogs and news are searched multiple times per day.

Q: Why don’t I have any discoveries for the trackings I’ve set up?

A: That could be due to one or more of the following:

Q: Why don’t I have any event discoveries?

A: It could be for the reasons listed in the last answer or your location wasn’t entered properly on the “My Settings” tab. You must enter a valid location, including the city, in order for FaveBot to look for events for you. If your country doesn’t have states or provinces leave that field blank and just enter country & city.

Note that you DO NOT need to enter your location as part of your search term for events. Nor should you. FaveBot will use the location that you entered on the “My Settings” tab.

Q: Why don’t I get results (discoveries) from blog XYZ?

A: Probably because it’s on a banned domain. Due to huge amounts of spam FaveBot blocks all results from blogspot.com , .info among a few other domains.

Q: How do I get my discoveries emailed to me?

A: Take the RSS feed for your discoveries and use a RSS-to-email service. Here are detailed examples of how to get your discoveries by email.


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  1. Armand said,

    Hi Mike,

    I really like the concept of favebot. I’ve recently just signed up and noticed that it keeps giving me an error saying that “search term is too short”. I tried a few search terms even 4 and 5 words and even a sentence and it still keeps giving the same error.

    Can you please help, how I can get this started?

    Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.



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